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Greetings! Welcome to the Parrot Researchers Group! 

We are proud to be a diverse and dynamic group of people working in all aspects of psittacine research.

The PRG’s primary function is to provide communications amongst researchers. This is not a group for pet owners, aviary, sanctuary or rescue of parrots. There are many other options for those topics, and if the applicant wishes, we may be able to supply pertinent links. 

Please join the PRG on Google to access and participate in diverse discussions. There is no charge for membership but your application will be reviewed by the Steering Committee for approval.You will need to complete this application first:

PRG Membership Application

The mission of the Parrot Researchers Group 

The Guidelines for the Parrot Researchers Group 

Parrot Researcher Group Guidelines in pdf also available by request

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Dr. Juan Masello


Dr. Cristina Miyaki 

Dr. Alejandro Salinas 

Dr. Patricia Latas 

Please take a look at our collaborative publications!

Multi-Section COLLABORATIONS in-progress

Health in Parrots confiscated from the wildlife pet trade

Parrot Ecological Behavior sub-group

Macaw Sub-Group   

Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguous) collaborative team  in conjunction with Loros Sin Fronteras.                 

Wild Parrot Veterinary sub-group     

contact: Dr. Patricia Latas

Other group efforts                                                                                                  

eBird sensitive species working group 

Parrot Outcome Study 

Parrot Conservation Outcomes Survey

Little is known about what project and species-level factors contribute to positive (and negative) outcomes in parrot conservation. As a result, our group of researchers has created the Parrot Conservation Outcomes survey to collect information on the types of conservation actions undertaken and the characteristics of the target parrot populations to determine what factors are associated with conservation successes. We invite the leaders of current and past parrot conservation projects to participate by taking this ~30 min survey :


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