The History of PRG

PRG historical overview (2010 to 2023) 

The PRG was formed during a Round Table Discussion (RTD) entitled “Beyond the Parrot Action Plan: Challenges and priorities for the research and conservation of Psittaciformes” at the 25th International Ornithological Congress on 27 August 2010, in Campos do Jordão, Brazil (Organizers: Juan F. Masello, James D. Gilardi, Igor Berkunsky, Timothy F. Wright and Robert Heinsohn). The more than 80 participants at this meeting agreed by vote to form a new “Parrot Researchers’ Group”. During the meeting a wide variety of topics were discussed including the need for more studies on data deficient species, better dissemination of information (both published and unpublished), and the need for more research in many areas. A major topic of conversation was the need to revise and update the IUCN Parrot Action Plan 20002004, which participants agreed should be approached on a regional basis. Updates in various forms have been accomplished through a series of joint PRG studies published during 2014 - 2018 (Martin et al. 2014, Berkunsky et al. 2017, Olah et al. 2018). It was agreed to elect one head of the organization (the Secretary) and two to three regional coordinators for the principal biogeographical regions where parrots occur (Africa, Australasia, Neotropics, Indo-Malayan). Later on, thematic sections were added such as the Urban Parrot and the Wild Parrot Veterinary sections. However, since 2022, a different structure is used: a Secretary and four Steering Team members governs the PRG, and the regions and sections have been replaced by Working Groups pursuing common goals (see details at ). All members of the Parrot Researchers Group have the opportunity to nominate candidates for the elections and to vote. This has already been accomplished three times (2014, 2018, and 2022). Since 2010, discussions, exchange of advice, and the coordination of joint projects (e.g. ) have been carried out through different communication means (see section Communication). The group has changed names and affiliation over the years; starting as the Parrot Researchers’ Group before becoming the Research Coordination Committee on Parrots of the IOU (20132015) and subsequently the Working Group Psittaciformes, from the International Ornithologist's Union (20152019) following changes in the structure of the IOU, of which the PRG was part during 20132019. In 2020, the PRG decided to become an independent organization re-adopting its original name. In August 2022 these Guidelines were revised to remove sections and have the group come under the core leadership of five Steering Team Members and current working groups. Elections were held in August 2022 and the new leadership took effect on January 1, 2023.