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We are proud to be a diverse and dynamic group of people working in all aspects of psittacine research.

Important Announcement: 2022 PRG Election Time! Check the PRG on Google for updates!

Dear Colleagues,

Those of us on the current PRG Steering Team, Pat Latas, Johanne Martens, and I, are charged with having a new leadership team take place on January 1, 2023 after a process of nominations and elections. We are now entering the nomination phase. Our guidelines task the Steering Team to nominate 5 people for the new Team, of which one will be the Secretary. The idea was to do our work and make sure we had at least 5 good people willing and able to serve for 4 years. However, anyone can nominate themselves or others to serve and those who receive the most votes will be elected. Please email me (privately if you choose) with the name of the person being nominated and a CV, and for which position. (4 "at large" positions and 1 Secretary). The guidelines are attached and below I have pasted in the part of the guidelines that describe the responsibilities of each position. For the next 2 weeks we will be accepting nominations, and after that we will have a vote online. The deadline is November 15th for nominations.

Our nominations for the Steering Team are (and we thank them for running and being willing to serve!):

Juan Masello - Secretary

Virginia Sanz - at large

Cristina Miyaki - at large

Alejandro Salinas - at large

Pat Latas - at large

Remember that anyone can run for any of these posts. Also, there are many ways to contribute to the PRG without being on the Steering Team. Let us know if you are interested in either running, or for volunteering in another fashion.

Yours in hope, LoraKim Joyner PRG Acting Secretary

Excerpt from the guidelines:

The Secretary of the Parrot Researchers’ Group:

  1. Steers the group to accomplish its mission;

  2. Guides the smooth functioning of discussions with and between the working groups and leads on various functions of the PRG, such as the library and social media sites;

  3. Leads the Steering Team;

  4. Works for the achievement of the aims of the group;

  5. Along with the Steering Team, makes decisions on the organization of the group and organizes the vote for officers;

  6. Functions as a communication channel with the PRG members and the public, but never taking a position on any advocacy issue on behalf of the PRG without due process which involves seeking advice from the Coordinators and the decision of the Steering Team;

  7. Supervise the proper functionality and use of all communication means within the PRG (see above) and the extranet where documents and materials may be stored;

  8. Represents the PRG at external meetings, after consultation with the Steering Team;

  9. Agrees to directly address individuals with whom conflict or disagreement arises and seek to promote collaborative and compassionate discussion, drawing on the advice of the membership and the Steering Team;

  10. Records all decisions and outcomes of meetings to be posted for all PRG members to read, except when there is a need for confidentiality.

The Steering Team:

  1. Consists of five members, including the Secretary;

  2. Serves as the principal governing body of the PRG, making routine decisions and when needed, further reaching decisions after consultation with the Coordinators;

  3. Advises and assists the Secretary;

  4. Assists the group to accomplish its mission;

  5. Works for the achievement of the aims of the group;

  6. Assists the Secretary in performing administrative tasks;

  7. Assists the Secretary to organize the vote for the officers;

  8. Assists the Secretary to directly address individuals with whom conflict or disagreement arises and seek to promote collaborative and compassionate discussion;

  9. Responds to communications within 3-5 days, engages in current issues and needs within the PRG, and assists the Secretary in making decisions and the daily running of the PRG;

  10. Accepts new members

Hurricane Relief for Belize Bird Rescue

Belize Bird Rescue 9 November 2022

In response to generous offers of assistance, we have put together this Global Giving microproject to help cover expenses resulting from Hurricane Lisa's visit last week.

If you would like to help, follow the GG link:

or via Paypal it's

Thank you all for your kind words, concern and support. And a massive thank you to all who have already contributed so generously and given us an incredible start to our fundraising! We literally can't do it without you!

Parrot Conservation Outcomes Survey

Little is known about what project and species-level factors contribute to positive (and negative) outcomes in parrot conservation. As a result, our group of researchers has created the Parrot Conservation Outcomes survey to collect information on the types of conservation actions undertaken and the characteristics of the target parrot populations to determine what factors are associated with conservation successes. We invite the leaders of current and past parrot conservation projects to participate by taking this ~30 min survey :

  • Is the Grey Parrot doomed for extinction in Ghana?



  • On the conservation of cages

Please go to the blog page for commentary

The PRG’s primary function is to provide communications amongst researchers. This is not a group for pet owners, aviary, sanctuary or rescue of parrots. There are many other options for those topics, and if the applicant wishes, we may be able to supply pertinent links.

Please join the PRG on Google to access and participate in diverse discussions. There is no charge for membership but your application will be reviewed by the Steering Committee for approval.

The mission of the Parrot Researchers Group

  • Promoting parrot research across the globe

  • Establishing research needs and priorities, with particular attention to regional conservation strategies,

  • Identifying and addressing barriers to effective research and conservation of parrots (Psittaciformes).

Parrot Researcher Group Guidelines available by request


Applicant has read and understood the pinned mission statements and rules of conduct

Membership will not be considered until the questionnaire/survey is completed

Active members are encouraged to complete this form, to help inform the database and for ease of communications and collaborative efforts.


Dr. LoraKim Joyner


Dr. LoraKim Joyner

Dr. Patricia Latas

Dr. Johanne Martens

Multi-Section COLLABORATIONS in-progress

Parrot Ecological Behavior sub-group

Macaw Sub-Group

Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguous) collaborative team in conjunction with Loros Sin Fronteras.

Wild Parrot Veterinary sub-group

contact: Dr. Patricia Latas

Other group efforts

eBird sensitive species working group

Parrot Outcome Study