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Greetings! Welcome to the Parrot Researchers Group!

We are proud to be a diverse and dynamic group of people working in all aspects of psittacine research.

The PRG’s primary function is to provide communications amongst researchers. This is not a group for pet owners, aviary, sanctuary or rescue of parrots. There are many other options for those topics, and if the applicant wishes, we may be able to supply pertinent links.

Please join the PRG on Google to access and participate in diverse discussions. There is no charge for membership but your application will be reviewed by the Steering Committee for approval.

The mission of the Parrot Researchers Group

  • Promoting parrot research across the globe

  • Establishing research needs and priorities, with particular attention to regional conservation strategies,

  • Identifying and addressing barriers to effective research and conservation of parrots (Psittaciformes).

The PRG is organized in four regions (African, Australasian, Neotropical, and Indo-Malayan), a Wild Parrot Veterinary Section, Behavioral Ecology Section, and a Secretary Office that coordinates joint work. The Co-ordinators of the regions and sections and the Secretary are elected by all members every four years (last time in Nov 2018).

Parrot Researcher Group Guidelines available by request


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Dr. Rowan Martin

Dr. Kate Carstens

Dr. Nathaniel Annorbah


Dr. Johanne Martens


SAD NEWS! Avin left us from this world on the evening of 17th March, as a result of a relapse of his bone marrow disease.

Avin (Avinandan) was one of our Indo-Malayan Regional Coordinators. He joined the PRG at the very beginning, on 1 July 2011, and, since then, he was one of the most active and enthusiast PRG members. His love for parrots and Nature is a legacy that he left to all of us and to his wife and daughter. Let's honor his memory and commitment by continuing, more than ever in this dire times, our work for parrots and Nature. Both, scientists and conservationists. RIP dear MSc. Avin Deen !

Dr Jessica Lee


LoraKim Joyner

Macaw Sub-Group

Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguous) collaborative team

New Section!



Dr. Patricia Latas

Dr. Jessica Lee

Dr. LoraKim Joyner

Multi-Section COLLABORATIONS in-progress

Macaw Sub-Group

eBird sensitive species working group

Parrot Outcome Study

Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguous) collaborative team in conjunction with Loros Sin Fronteras.


Dr. LoraKim Joyner


Dr. LoraKim Joyner

Dr. Patricia Latas

Dr. Johanne Martens