Macaw Sub-Group

Gabriela Vigo Trauco, PhD. 

This sub-group’s focus is wild macaw natural history, ecology and behavior in the wild; data collection; and conservation. It includes people that have worked with macaws in the past, are currently working with macaws or plan to do so in the future, via collaboration with colleagues from the Neotropics/Latin America. Through this informal network the sub-group will exchange scientific advice with a variety of researchers new and experienced alike.

The objective for this sub-group of the PRG is mainly to connect all of the macaw researchers and macaw conservationists already in the group, share our work and attract new macaw researchers and conservationist to the PRG.

The sub-group would like to start by working on a couple of simple and achievable initiatives such as (1) a macaw researcher directory and (2) a catalog of macaw artificial nest designs.

contact for information on joining