photo credit: Corey Raphel


Juan F. Masello

Carlos de Araújo


to promote the development of collaborative research projects in the field of Behavioural Ecology of parrots, particularly research that benefits from interdisciplinary cooperation among PRG members from different parts of the world, large samplings and datasets or questions that could not otherwise be answered.

Initial objectives:

  • A comparative study of the diet of parrots across populations all over the world including:

    • observational data and molecular analyses of faecal samples

    • the study of the environmental determinants of the diet, and

    • the secondary metabolites content of the diet items in the context of prophylactic self-medication;

  • An analysis of the effects of global climatic phenomena on the breeding biology of parrots across different regions;

  • A study of the variation of breeding phenology across parrot populations all over the world.


Juan F. Masello