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Opportunities for portable PCR machines for field work. It is an evolving field and may eventually be a valuable adjunct to field work. The Vet Section has discussed the constraints of cost, invasive procedures, practicalities of disease testing, and indeed they present formidable challenges. Yet wild psittacine disease is a neglected field and needs to be seriously investigated for sound biodiversity, rehabilitation, confiscation and policy-making decisions.

We had a generous offer for the donation of 2 portable PCR for a "lending library" type situation, Upon further investigation, although the machines are small, generally efficient and fairly fast, reagents for field use are inexpensive and do not require refrigeration and work on batteries with mobile devices, the main costs for development of reagents and primers are prohibitive. Especially in the light of such little data available as to what pathogens are actually important to wild populations. My hope is that following the CoVID outbreak, many of the small PCR machines now being used for point-of-service CoVid testing may become available as surplus and inexpensive to acquire, and although not portable, they could be a potential inexpensive entry to disease screening. Import/export of materials and reagents is a serious inhibition to testing. We are promoting local development but money, personnel and time constraints are challenging. Contributions and suggestions are more than welcome. Collaborations are welcome.

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